Mouth Guards

More and more people are using mouth guards for various sports. That’s probably due to athletes like Steph Curry, whose tendency is to dangle his mouth guard in his mouth as he plays. But mouth guards have long been in use, and they’re not limited to the playing field. 

At Dr. C. Brigg Neibaur’s dental practice, we can help you get the mouth guard you need and we can make sure they’re a perfect fit.

Mouth Guard Uses

Mouth guards are crucial for many types of contact sports. Boxing and martial arts events like the MMA require their use, along with basketball, hockey, and football. These protect your teeth from being knocked out due to contact, and they can also protect your mouth from getting cut by your teeth while you play.

If you’re conscious about safe play, then it makes perfect sense if you also wear them even for supposedly non-contact sports. Some athletic activities run the risk of having you falling face first into the hard ground, and the mouth guard can minimize the damage to your teeth if that ever happens.

Mouth guards are also helpful if you have the unfortunate habit of grinding your teeth. This is a condition called bruxism, and it can eventually wear down your teeth prematurely. Most people with this condition grind their teeth incessantly when they sleep, and some may even do it during the course of the day. A mouth guard can help you sleep at night without grinding and damaging your teeth. A discreet mouth guard during the day can even be fitted into your mouth.

Does Your Mouth Guard Fit Your Mouth Properly?

Many people don’t especially like the sensation of wearing a mouth guard. Often that’s because they bought their mouth guards online or over the counter, and they got a mouth guard with a generic size. It’s no wonder they feel uncomfortable, because they’ve not been custom-fitted to the specific dimensions of the inside of your mouth.

These things can make it hard for you to speak clearly, and that’s a problem in team sports when you need to communicate with your teammates. It can even make it difficult for you to breathe, and in sports that’s not acceptable at all.

In addition, these mouth guards may not be properly designed so they may end up changing and damaging the alignment of your teeth.

Our Mouth Guards

That’s why we tell our patients to come to us if they need mouth guards for whatever reason. Our mouth guards are specifically fitted to the precise dimensions of your mouth. They’re much more comfortable and you can even talk while you’re wearing them. They’re safe for your teeth too.

We can also make sure that the mouth guard you wear is designed to help, whether it’s for sports or for teeth grinding. If you need a mouth guard, get in touch with us and we can make sure you get the right mouth guard that fits you properly.

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