Some people seem to think that only teens need braces. But having teeth that aren’t growing as straight as they should be, is a problem that affects people of all ages. That’s why an increasing number of adults are now wearing braces. But there are also people who are hesitant to wear braces. 

If you’re concerned about being teased in school or you think your braces can affect how people treat you in the workplace, there’s another solution: Invisalign.

Invisalign Features

Invisalign is a set of teeth aligners, and their function is to guide your teeth to set in the right direction and location. As its name implies, it’s different from traditional braces as these aligners are transparent and virtually invisible to even the people right in front of you. It doesn’t have metal wires and brackets that can catch anyone’s attention. No one will know that you have braces in your mouth, unless you tell them or show them your aligners. These aligners don’t need the traditional wires and brackets to set them securely in place. That’s because they’re designed with advanced 3D imaging, so that the obtained images of your mouth are extremely accurate and detailed. That allows for us to make sure that the Invisalign aligners are perfect matched with the features and settings of your teeth and mouth. There’s no need for additional features like wires and brackets to secure them in place.

Invisalign Advantages

There’s no denying the benefits of having straight teeth. Your smile will look so much better than it did before. Your speech will most likely improve, and you’re better able to chew your food properly. Having straight teeth also keeps your tooth enamel from wearing down abnormally. Sometimes a bad bite can even lead to jaw problems, and having the proper aligners can keep that from happening. Yet Invisalign is a much better option than traditional braces. You won’t have to wear any sort of eye-catching contraption in your mouth that can distract the people you interact with, and no one will tease you about your braces. These aligners also feel much more comfortable when you wear them. When it’s time to eat you can just discreetly take them out. It doesn’t involve the hassle of removing traditional braces, nor will you have to worry about having bits of food stuck within your braces. If your teeth aren’t as straight as they should be, give us a call today. We can check for any malocclusions, and determine if you can use Invisalign aligners to help improve your smile.

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