In-Office Teeth Whitening

There’s no denying the inherent appeal of a brilliant smile with lots of nice clean white teeth. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always cooperate and after years of drinking coffee or tea (along with unfortunate habits like smoking) your teeth can become yellowish and stained.

However, such problematic conditions can be reversed with effective teeth whitening solutions, and our in-office teeth whitening procedure is our most effective solution. It’s very safe, and the effects are immediate. It doesn’t even take all that long.

Are You a Candidate for Our In-Office Teeth Whitening Solution?

You can find out if this method of whitening your teeth is the most suitable for you. A dentist such as Dr. C. Brigg Neibaur or Dr. Gary L. Sawdy can evaluate your situation to see if the method is right for you. It may not be ideal for you if your teeth have become too thin with age. You may also have overly sensitive gums or teeth. If these conditions apply to your case you may be better off with our at-home teeth whitening kits.

The Teeth Whitening Process

If you are a viable patient for our in-office teeth whitening solution, then you can take a little time to receive the treatment. We will first clean your teeth thoroughly. The coloring of your teeth will then be assessed to estimate how much whiter your teeth will look after the treatment.

We will then apply a special type of bleaching gel on each tooth. After a few minutes, we will then use an intense light to start the bleaching process in the gel. In many cases, a single gel application is sufficient for you to obtain the kind of white teeth you want to improve your smile. However, in some cases the gel may be applied a few more times to get the whiteness level you want. You may even have to schedule a follow-up visit to really achieve the whiteness you want for your teeth.

Get in touch with us so we can determine if our in-house teeth whitening process can significantly enhance the quality of your smile. If you’re a candidate for the procedure, you’ll be amazed at how this affordable and fast procedure can improve your smile.

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