Digital X-Rays

We aim to provide the highest quality of dental care that our patients deserve. It’s for this reason that we no longer rely on conventional X-ray technology. Instead, we use contemporary digital dental radiographs, better known as digital X-rays.

We use digital X-rays to deep scans into the structures inside your mouth. We use these images to find any cavities, to check up on the health of your oral tissues and bone, monitor the growth and development of your jaw, and inspect the conditions of your developing teeth.

Why Digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays are better than traditional X-rays in several ways:

  • They can detect any abnormalities in your mouth easily, including cysts and gum and bone infections.
  • They’re so powerful that they can detect even the tiniest hint of tooth decay.
  • As the images are digital, they’re easily viewed on a computer monitor. The image can be edited, so that the contrast can be enhanced or certain areas can be enlarged.
  • Digital images can also be sent over the Internet through email.
  • There’s no need for chemical processing to develop the images.
  • Compared to traditional X-rays, digital radiographs reduce the use of radiation by 80%. This makes it safer for the patient and even better for the environment.

Drs. Neibaur and Sawdy and members of our staff have all completed the necessary training required so that we can take digital X-rays and use them appropriately. With the help of these images, we’re better able to diagnose any dental health problems as soon as possible. The conditions can then be treated much earlier, so they don’t do as much damage and the cost and severity of your treatments can be reduced.

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